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Tom Mclean, Exceptionally Ordinary Tour (Anaheim)
Raven Zoe and Jake Mulford, Exceptionally Ordinary Tour (Anaheim)
Megan Tonjes, Exceptionally Ordinary Tour (Anaheim)
Adam Robertson, Exceptionally Ordinary Tour (Anaheim)
Eddplant, Exceptionally Ordinary Tour (Aneheim)
Tom Milsom, Exceptionally Ordinary Tour (Anaheim)
I quite like this photo
Ordinary Tour

was kind of awesome.
I’ll upload the one good photo I got when I return from work tomorrow. 

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the tour’s going really well

the vancouver stop was aceballs and everyone was really nice and adam led people in a tribal dance happening and we had a lot of tequila after

it was great

you should come to the other stops on the tour if you live in seattle or portland or anaheim and can make it! deets here.

you can even come if you’re in san francisco

i’m focusing on the seattle show right now because it’s so close

please come to the seattle show


please bring your friends

bring your enemies and make amends

I can go to the San Fran show?


good… that’s the plan… 

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Just incase you didn’t know



You can buy them here

We’re gonna have a blast and so can you

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