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come back doofus
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this is it
this is the photo

notxam replied to your post “PCNW (in conjunction with King County Metro) selected one of my…”


in the school cafe right now casually trying to not lose my mind


i have class in 25 minutes i need to remember how to breathe

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PCNW (in conjunction with King County Metro) selected one of my photographs for public display as part of their photo mural project.

My photograph will be coming soon to a Seattle bus stop near you

pinch me, mother fuckers

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Skógafoss by anieto2k on Flickr.
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冷熱之間 Stay Gold by nacoki
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Icicles hang from the power transmission lines in Changting by China Daily
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❝Describing love isn’t impossible, it’s just difficult because not one love is like another. Every relationship works different. Every relationship has their different ways of loving and being loved. You might think that one couple is crazy for still being together when all they do is argue, but arguing means fighting. It means finding solutions and unlocking the doors into the heart, door by door. I think as long as people are arguing, everything is perfectly fine, because that means they’re willing to fight. If not, then they wouldn’t go through this. Another couple never argues - they’re so happy that it almost seems perfectly fake. Their love might be more about forgetting bad stuff and moving on. They are going through shit, and they have their differences, but they see love as a chance to be happy. Whenever they see each other, their bodies fill with joy, and they don’t need to discuss what happened because they’re together and happy now. That’s what counts, and they don’t want to waste a second with bad thoughts when they’re together. Tonight when they’re home alone again, missing their other half, they argue with themselves. They let their anger out on themselves so they can be calm and peaceful when they see each other again. This love is about swallowing feelings, and the other about spitting them out.
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"It is easier to love your body when you think of it as a landscape with your peaks and meadows, oceans and valleys."
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a decade later and I still remember